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Now and Forever Nia - Paperback

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Now and Forever Nia - Paperback

Sam Concklin
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An original softcover, young adult fantasy graphic novel by Sam Concklin.

The Story

Featuring various demonic creatures, a dash of LGBTQ romance, and a mystery of supernatural proportions, this heartwarming tale with horror elements explores the sweet moments and true struggles between a child and an overbearing parent.

Over 100 full-color pages illustrate a coming-of-age tale that's relatable for both teens and adults. 

Praise for Nia

"[A] beautiful and dynamic relationship between father and daughter." -Brahidaliz Martinez, The Geekiary

Webtoon Fans Agree:

The following reviews are pulled from the comic's first update in March, 2020:

"I was instantly hooked"

"I love it so far!! Can't wait to see what happens next!!"

"This is very good. Sry i ment AMAZING"

People Also Ask...

What age group is this for?

Now and Forever Nia is a coming-of-age tale recommended for teen and young adult readers. Its plot strikes a cord with parents too.

How long does it take to read?

Being 116 pages total, Nia is a brief, yet striking story that can be read over 1-2 sittings. The characters and themes present linger with the audience long after reading.

What themes are present?

The story contains themes of keeping a secret from those you love, speaking up for yourself, and learning to let go and trust others.

What else is in the story?

Glad you asked! Nia contains supernatural and horrific monsters, seasonal changes, LGBTQ+ love, character development, and a twist ending.

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