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Now And Forever Nia (Digital Version)

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Now And Forever Nia (Digital Version)

Sam Concklin
0 ratings

An original, young adult fantasy graphic novel by Sam Concklin in digital PDF format.

The Story

Featuring various demonic creatures, a dash of LGBTQ romance, and a mystery of supernatural proportions, this heartwarming tale with horror elements explores the sweet moments and true struggles between a child and an overbearing parent.

Over 100 full-color pages illustrate a coming-of-age tale that's relatable for both teens and adults. 

Praise for Nia

"[A] beautiful and dynamic relationship between father and daughter." -Brahidaliz Martinez, The Geekiary

Webtoon Fans Agree:

"I was instantly hooked"

"I love it so far!! Can't wait to see what happens next!!"

"This is very good. Sry i ment AMAZING"

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119 pages
YA Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Graphic Novel
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